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I would buy them again!!! By James E Portero,n March 27, 2017

  • I bought these because I was tired of being wired down. I have used these now for over a month. I had some issues with them cutting out initially, but realized that they were connected to both my Ipad and Iphone at the same time and it was trying to play sound from both and the signals were causing interference. Once I told the device I was not using to disconnect the problem was solved. These have great sound quality and are light weight. There are some small issues with them falling out slightly when you use one of the buttons, but it is a small issue. They are not noise cancelling, meaning they don't have any active circuitry to keep sound out, they simply block the sound by blocking the ear canal. All in all, I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend them to my friends.


  • THE BEST RUNNING HEADPHONES IVE USED! Okay okay, i was quite skeptical before buying these. At such a cheap price i thought cheap product means cheap quality. Boy was I wrong! The packing of this item is amazing! It truly feels like an expensive unboxing, almost on apples level. Secondly it comes with many ear tips to fit your ears!! I personally use the foam tips, they stay in the best while being super comfortable! Apple earbuds always fell out of my ears. I was so thrilled when these headphones stay in my ears. They're also water proof, so you dont have so worry about sweat or spilling anything on them!! They have amazing sound canceling ability that lets you be emersed into your music while running or working out. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THESE HEADPHONES!!

Great product works perfectly!!! By Thomas L. Zimmerling , July 5, 2017

  • I'm very happy with this purchase. Earbuds are very comfortable. Sound quality excellent, even outdoors. Comes with a nice carrying case and several pairs of earpieces, so you can find a perfect fit for your ears. Great value for the price! I have nothing bad to say.

Good product so far! By Eric Foster, July 5, 2017

  • Just a few days with the new earbuds, but I am pleasantly surprised by the sound. I've tried two different size earpieces (which they supply) to check comfort, and I'll probably play with them some more before I decide which is best. Never having had BT buds before, they're bigger than wired buds (naturally), so they're more obvious than and don't fit as well under hearing protection (I would usually wear these while cutting the grass or using loud power tools) as wired buds. All in all I will take the trade off for no wires. Controls are good. Still haven't run the battery all the way down to know what the battery life is. I missed a couple of beats with the phone left in the truck while working right behind the truck. I'll give them a pass even though that's probably only 15' or so because there's several layers of metal, glass and upholstery between the buds and the phone.

Love them!! By Jill Ashworth, July 3, 2017

  • These headphones are pretty great! If not for the issues of my Apple Watch (which needed to be replaced due to malfunction), I would have been able to use them sooner. Before I was able to confirm that the problem was indeed with the Apple watch (and not the headphones), the folks at Zeus customer service were very responsive, and assured me that a return of the headphones would be no issue (if they turned out to be the problem). Since receiving a replacement watch, these headphones have worked beautifully for my runs. They fit very nicely (I have small ears and have often had trouble with the buds staying put) with the smallest of the bud covers, and the sound is clear and crisp. Thank you for being so responsive while I was figuring out the issues - these have been worth the wait!

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