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1. Do headphones work with android phones. Specifically a Samsung S6?

  • Zeus headphones work with every phone which has a bluetooth.

2. What is the difference between IPx5 and IPx7?

  • IPх5 means resistance against splashes from any directions, IPх7 is a possibility to put your ear buds under the water 1 meter deep within 30 minutes. For workout or running under the rain ipx5 is enough.

3. Will these earbuds work with old ipod (it's generation 3)?

  • These work with Bluetooth version 2.1 and upper.

4. What's the big difference between this model and the Zeus Sport?

  • These have improved sound with more massive bass respond. The design of these is also new so it is a kind of the next generation after Zeus Sport. Zeus Outdoor have Ipx7 waterproof index but Zeus Sport IPx4 sweatproof..

5. Will these headphones pair with more than one device?

  • Yes, these can pair to two devices.

6. Can they be used in a pool?

  • You can listen to music in these being in a pool but I would not recommend to swim because these may fall out under the water due to water resistance. Anyway these are ok up to 1m depth..

7. How to register my headphones for warranty?

8. Are there buttons to skip forward or backward to songs?

  • Yes there is just hold the up volume button to skip forward and same to skip backwards hold the Down volume button.

9. What is the furthest distance or average range of the Bluetooth?

  • 33 feet if there is no obstacle. When I am at the gym my smart phone not so far from me - about 15-17 feet and everything is ok..

10. Is headphones compatible with all Bluetooth mp3's?

  • Zeus Headphones connect to all devices with Bluetooth version 2.1 and upper.

11. Can this be used on a TV that is not a smart TV?

  • You can use these with a TV Bluetooth transmitter.

12. Can these headphones connect to ps4?

  • Yes, Zeus headphones can.

13. Are Zeus Outdoor waterproof? Working out in pool?

  • Bluetoorh headphones Zeus Outdoor is rated ipx7. Meaning headphones will not be damaged by rain or even in the shower - but we strongly do not recommend using them in a pool.

14. Do the ear buds come with charger?

  • Yes, all Zeus headphones come with a micro-USB cable.

15. How do you remove and replace the earbud tips?

  • Just pull them lightly with the tips of your fingers and place the new tips by pressing.

16. Can you answer a phone call?

  • Sure! You may answer or end calls pressing the button with a logo ZEUS.

17. How long does one full charge last?

  • Zeus Outdoor last up to 9 hours after being fully charged..

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